1. My first dataviz work has been featured on knowmore.washingtonpost.com

    There are a bunch of scores to visualize and to “play”. 

    See the source here: https://github.com/davideoliveri/ScoreToChart 

  2. beesandbombs:

    this is my font concept. may or may not materialise.

    This font should definitely exist, please go ahead.

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  3. Did Chopin use more black keys than Beethoven? 

    To answer this question I created this interactive dataviz. You can choose among several musical scores and see a barchart of the amount of notes played in each score. 


  4. blurrypaths:

    Karsten Schmidt interview by Étapes.

    Well said Karsten! :)

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  5. bigblueboo:


    great stuff!

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  6. Coming back

    I’m in Paris now but I’ll be back soon with new chapters on Gibbon https://gibbon.co/davideoliveri/ux-ui-design-inspiration! Thanks to all new and old students.

  7. cross-connect:

    Ryan McArthur - a Toronto-based designer and graphic artist, founder of Design Different.

    I specialize in Design, and have been doing so since I was a kid. Starting with crayon on a freshly painted wall, to designing with a mouse and keyboard on a computer screen. My artistic abilities gave me the opportunity to pursue a career which I love.

    He is autor some truly beautiful minimalist prints, using quotes from famous literary figures with simple, clean black and white images. McArthur creates his works by hand, first drawing them with pen and ink, and then digitally rendering the designs.


    selected by Tu recepcja

    Good stuff!

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